Garden Clearance And Makeover

Is your garden so overgrown or cluttered up with junk that you don’t know where to start? Then it’s time to call in Acorns! We help many people clear overgrown gardens, returning them to a manageable level with Acorns Landscape Garden Clearance And Makeover services.

People often feel embarrassed about the condition of their garden and overwhelmed at the workload ahead of them. There’s no need to feel ashamed – it is a sad fact that busy work schedules mean we have little time for chores. Instead, ask for help! From as little as £150, our garden clearance and cutback service is the perfect solution.

FREE initial meeting

Following a FREE quotation and on agreeing a fixed price, our team will clear the overgrown gardens and preserve any cherished plants you wish to keep returning them to a manageable level.

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Even the worst area can be returned into a manageable space in no time at all.

We can either remove the waste material from site or shred it to use as mulch or compost for your garden its entirely up to you. All our pricing options will be discussed during our visit, and our full Waste Recycling Carriers Licence allows us to remove any waste material apart from plasterboard or Asbestos.

After the garden is cleared, there are often unwanted tree stumps or roots. They will be either grinded down using our stump grinder or dug out, depending on what your future plans are.

Once the clearing process is complete, we can give you an option to rotovate the soil so that you’re left with a complete blank canvas if you wish. Then start afresh with a brand new garden design! Take a look at our Landscaping service to take the next steps.