Garden Coaching and Mentoring

We can provide garden coaching and mentoring service if you:

  • Want to take up gardening as a hobby but don’t know where to start?
  • Trying to learn gardening by looking on the internet for hints and tips but feeling very confused with mixed opinions?
  • Feeling inspired to do the garden to keep yourself fit and healthy but worried about doing more than harm to the garden than good?
  • Just retired and want to do more than just cut the grass?
  • Don’t fancy paying a gardener to look after your garden and rather do it yourself?
  • Don’t want to pay a landscape contractor hundreds -if not thousands- of pounds to landscape your garden and want to learn how to do it yourself?
  • Keen gardener and wish to enhance your current gardening skills?

Whatever your reasons, we can provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring in your own garden. We can provide impartial advice on anything relating to gardening and landscaping in order to support and educate you to get the garden space you dream of.

We visit your garden and work alongside you, advising on planting and even the best tools to buy so you don’t waste any money on unnecessary purchases.

Here at Acorns Landscape we can provide a bespoke session covering your specific needs such as:

  • Plant identification and careGarden coaching and mentoring
  • Seasonal pruning and hedge trimming
  • Lawn care and maintenance
  • Soil conditioning, composting and improvement
  • Separating plants from weeds
  • Create and maintaining a vegetable patch or fruit orchid
  • Use of organic pesticides
  • Planting to attract wildlife to your garden
  • Landscaping tasking such as fencing, decking, turfing, and building raised beds out of railway sleepers.

And many many more tasks, tips and tricks to enhance your garden.


If you are feeling inspired to get in the garden but don’t have the confidence or the know-how, get in touch to find out more.