Garden Landscaping

Whatever garden design ideas you have, our friendly and professional team work on a wide variety of landscaping projects from turfing to fencing to patios.

FREE initial meeting

The first step is to meet you at your garden for a free first consultation. There, we’ll discuss your ideas and let you have our opinion on how realistic and practical they are. We’ll also offer our own ideas for your consideration and if you all ready have a design for your garden that will give us a better understanding of what you want and what to budget for.

During our initial free meeting, we’ll look at your overall project budget and discuss your ideal Garden Design. Project costs can range dramatically depending on the complexity of what you want and the site conditions.

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Average full landscape construction costs

  • Small garden (circa 4m by 6m) around £10,000
  • Medium sized garden (circa 10m by 15m) approximately £18,000
  • Large gardens of half an acre or more from £25,000
  • All this depends on how much of its soft landscaping such as turfing, planting and soil conditioning and how much of it is hard landscaping such as patio, fencing, decking and retaining walls etc and the way it goes the more soft landscaping the cheaper it is and the more hard landscaping the more expensive it is.

Spread the cost

If you don’t have the immediate funds for a full landscape, don’t worry. We will break down the quote into separate areas for you to choose what’s a priority and we can do each stage at the time that suits your budget and requirements.

Not all gardens need a full landscape. If you prefer, we will be delighted to come along and do any of the following:


Patio Construction



Natural Ponds

Garden Buildings